Event Info


WANTED; The brand new live action thrill event from Evil Rising.

Reckon you could survive on the run? This new action packed experience combines the creative brilliance of the Evil Rising writing team with the real-life panic and adrenaline of being a MI5 prime suspect in a murder case and Mafia hit target!

You will need to work together, fast and cleverly to survive TWO HOURS in a sprawling everyday city centre. You’ll never look the same at your home town ever again!

You’re being hunted by two parties, one trying to kill you and the other trying to put you behind bars. Only one organisation, MI6, can give you the vital alibi you need but for them to give you that you’ll need to perform various tasks and find a multitude of checkpoints. Only problem is that it’s over approx. 5kmsq!

Survivors in the top two scoring teams will be awarded with a special BLACK EDITION Wanted T-shirt each, a beer at our extraction point and the full bragging rights of a survivor!

Ticket Price: £30 per person (£25 per person limited early bird tickets)
Event Date: 20 July 2019
Event Length: Two Hours

You will also need to be aware of the following:

  • A fugitive team can have up to four players
  • The WANTED experience lasts for two hours in total
  • You will need a fully charged internet enabled iOS or Android smart phone to play
  • The WANTED mobile app, you will use to play the game with, will need a Facebook account to log-in to it
  • WANTED will take place in Worcester on 20 July 
  • There are four start points. These will be given to you after 1st July 2019 via our customer portal (details on tickets)
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • WANTED involves physical activity
  • Full information regarding the event will be available on the customer portal after 1st July 2019.
  • Ticket seller fees apply.