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The live action adult THRILL & scare phenomenon returns JULY 2019 FOR OUR MOST ADVENTUROUS REAL-LIFE GAME YET



Halloween in Worcester wouldn't ever be the same without it's favourite, live scare event, Evil Rising. After a two-year gap, Worcester's immersive scare event returned to Worcestershire, Halloween 2018, to huge success!

Now, 2019 plays host to two, live action, immersive events! 

In July, we host our most adventurous event to date, HUNTED; a thrilling, live & immersive creep, chase and discovery adventure, spanning the lenght and breadth of Worcesteer's city centre. 

In October, we have the pleasure of bringing back Worcester's best, live scare event; Evil Rising. With new characters and storylines, it's truly a unique experience not to be missed! 


WANTED, is a brand new, urban, live action adventure event. In a team of up to four people, you have to follow clues to discover checkpoints located throguhout a five-squared kilometre area. On top of that, you are being tracked by Russian Mafia, who want you dead, as well as MI5 and the CIA who want you locked up. 

Your mission? Collect evidence along your journey, avoid being spotted or caught and finally prove your innocence once and for all! Oh, and you've only got two hours to do it! 

Join the crew

Evil Rising is a family of amazing, hard working, funny people. If you fancy getting involved as an actor, scarer, make-up artist or special FX technician then firstly answer this question:

You make someone jump and they sit in the corner crying. Do you:

What is Evil Rising?

Evil Rising is a live interactive scare/thriller event based in Worcester, UK, for adults 16yrs+. 

Each event is different and incorporates a cast of approximately 100 very talented and very dedicated actors, make-up artists and special effects technicians.

To attend an event you just choose a date and time slot and purchase a ticket.